Sunday, 12 June 2011

So far...

I've just been through The List and struck out the ones that I have watched, or at least the ones that I have watched properly. Pulp Fiction, for example, I've seen bits of it here and there when it's been on the telly but not the whole thing in one sitting. The Matrix, again, have seen bits but not all of it - the blame for this one lies solely with Alex Valentine. We were watching it in English in Year 8 or 9 and he chose that particular class to debut his remote control watch. Cue discussion about the wonders of the advancement of technology and the appeal of watching Keanu Reeves have some worm thing put in his stomach (or taken out, I can't remember which. Was there even a worm?) went right out the window. 

Anyhoo, I digress. In order to do this properly I am going to make sure I watch these all the way through. Not sure how I'm going to watch them, I can get hold of the DVDs for some but what to do for the rest. Do I go on a frenzy on Zavvi and Play to get them? Or do I try iTunes and get them so I can watch them on the train to work on a morning? Ah, decisions decisions. I suspect I will do a mixture of the two, in case you couldn't bear the suspense of not having a definitive answer.

Not sure which to start with. A guy at work lent me The Last of the Mohicans a while ago, which I thought I would watch and cross off The List but alas it hasn't even made it on there!!!!! Something which I shall relay to him tomorrow morning cos he thinks that film is the shit. The shit in a good way, not the bad fecal way. 

First film is going to be...Number 22 - The Breakfast Club. Hopefully have a review (I use this term loosely) or opinion of it in the next couple of days!!

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