Sunday, 25 September 2011


This week I have had the best sleeps I've had in months, no waking up in the middle of the night and have been getting up at 630 so's I can get the early train to start work at 830 and finish at 400. The other day I was home at 520. It was grrrrrreat!! Last night was another successful sleep, in spite of music from both sides of the flat. I plugged in Ricky Gervais Season 5 audiobook and wrapped my pillow around my head and off I went. Today I am full o' beans. Have had breakfast, had a dance, done a bit of a tidy up and put the washing on. This rarely happens. Sunday's for me are usually spent wallowing in bed desperately trying to fight off a disgusting hangover. It's refreshing to be alert.

Despite being fully alert, I don't intend to be on the go all day. I'm having a lunchtime break now and have popped on The Departed, which I remember really enjoying at the cinema, and have a lovely coffee waiting to be consumed. Perfect. Day.


Watched this last weekend. I went in with NO expectations because I thought it was going to be wank. Here's the thing you see, I don't like women. They annoy me. Bitchy, whiny, always crying. Even worse is a woman who thinks she's funny. Top of the list for me is Gina Yashere. I mean, have you seen those shit comedy shorts she does on Comedy Central. They're absolute bollocks!!!!! And that link is a tiny part of it, it gets worse. The day I laugh at anything she says is the day that such act is my only reprieve from being hung, drawn and quartered. 

Anyway, I digress. Much as I hate the ladies, this was actually an alright film. Kristen Wiig was pretty funny in it and Chris O'Dowd, well I'd love him even if he was the one doing the aforementioned hanging drawing and quartering. I'd say the main issue for me, and it's a fairly superficial issue, was Kristen's hair. Were we meant to believe that this just happened? That she just woke up with it all lovely and wavy and natural looking? Well, the bastards didn't fool me. Course there'd been some tongs put in there. No one gets that without trying. No one. And if they do, I hate them for that is my aim in life. Perfectly wavy but casual looking hair. 

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Consenting adult

I have decided to end my first vegetative weekend in a long time by watching the mind-numbing ridiculousness that will be Final Destination III. Yes, I pressed the record button last night. Yes, I am actively choosing to watch it. Deal. With. It.

I just took pictures

Giving the Sky+ a bit of a clear out and am in the midst of watching One Hour Photo right now. Seen it before and the first thing that comes to mind is how creepy and sinister it is but then every time I watch I feel more sad than I do creeped out. Poor Sy. He's so shy and awkward and lonely. Of course he's a little bit mentile but there's no way you couldn't feel something towards him.  He just needs a little bit of love. Although, having said that, I don't think I'd want a Sy in my life. Or watching it. Especially as he's just picked up a hunting knife and is off to teach Will the cheater a lesson. Argh!!

What do we learn from this? Print your own photos folks, it'll cost you your money instead of your life! 

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Bank Holiday viewings

I went to Edinburgh for the Bank Holiday and while there watched The Terminal, which I had already seen and simply love love LOVE, and Iron Man, which I had not seen. Iron Man was ok. Not much happened in it though. Robert Downey Jr simply spent his time pissing about trying to make his suit. He seemed very much to be like Batman - rich man using his money to try and be a hero. No superpower. The fight between Tony and Jeff Bridges was shit. No two ways about it. I'm holding out more hope for Iron Man II, but not too much, I don't cope well with disappointment.

I'm going to cut this short because I am tired and getting a wee bit of a behind the eye headache from looking at the screen, which only means one thing - impending migraine. I shall leave with one of my fave bits of The Terminal - I'm not a massive Tom Hanks fan but if he, nay anyone, asked me to go for eat to bite...cantelloni? I would be there!!! SO cute! 


I was excited about this. I'd had the soundtrack on pre-order as soon as I found out it was Alex Turner doing it so that was an immediate draw for me. You should get it if you don't have it. Only five songs, but five great songs. I heart them all. I linked to Hiding Tonight in the previous post, here's another one for your aural pleasure.

It had other good things going for it too - Richard Ayoade directing, Craig Roberts who had just won me over in Being Human/Becoming Human was the lead and Paddy Considine who I just want to hug, not in a fancying way but in a Dermot way, was also in it. Ahhhhh. How did it live up to expectations then? I enjoyed it. Nice easy watch - perfect for The Battle of Ironing Mountain. I loved that Oliver was trying to be the best boyfriend in the world and one of the bits I really had a good chuckle at was when Jordana found out that her mum had a brain tumour. Of course, this is not a funny thing to happen but his response to it was genius. He read that the loss of a pet helped a person deal with the death of a loved one and so he decided that he would have to poison her dog so that she didn't get emotional if her mum died. Brilliant! I won't go into any further detail about that bit, don't want to ruin shiz now do I? 

I can't really comment on much else, while it was fun to watch and I did enjoy it, it didn't require any concentration and didn't have any particular impact. Don't think it would be something to watch again.

Tell you summat though, it made me want something. A duffle coat. I got a duffle cape from Topshop last year but it made me look like a small child so it got sent back again. I look childlike enough what with my small stature and baby face. The duffle cape did not help. So while the idea was reignited inside of me I think I have to accept that a full-length bit of duffleage just will not work. Sigh.


Just a little note to say that I am not enjoying the new Blogger dashboard. Having a right mare trying to navigate it. Wah.

Domestic goddess

Two weeks ago I had the most monstrous pile of ironing to do. Honestly, I don't think there has ever been anyone in the world who had quite as much to do as I did then. And it had been sat on the dining table for a good two weeks too so as my need for fresh delicates got greater I knew something had to be done. Now, I'm not one for ironing for the fun of it like some crazy bastards out there are, I need some mental stimulation along the way, and my sudden realisation had come at a time when there was nothing on the telly and no DVDs I fancied watching. Bummer. No stimuli. It was going to be a boring late night session listening to the heavy and repetitive thud of "Drew" (the neighbour I have yet to see) and his shit music next door - which I should have counted my blessings for actually as a week later it was the heavy and repetitive thud of something a little more amorous that I had to endure - that link is actually NO exaggeration as to what I was subjected to, utterly horrific. So as I was sat singing Hiding Tonight to myself and contemplating how best to tackle the pile I remembered the whole being able to rent films thing and thought it was time to conquer the film with the song itself in, Submarine. If it's good enough for Alex Turner to put his voice to, it's good enough for old Rachy Roo to watch.