Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Monday, 13 February 2012

The Skin I Live In

O. M. G. Curveball or what?! This film was mental!!!!!! Twist centrale! You're sat there thinking, "Antonio, you weirdo, what you doing" and then BOOM it's all "woah woah woah, Antonio, you frigging weirdo, what the fuck you doing?! Settle down lad!" 

I don't even think that I can say anything about it because it would ruin it for all you non-readers out there. Fortunately someone at work has watched it so I have someone to let it all out to. Watch it people. Watch it.

La piel que habito

Buenos dias. I've gone all espagnol this evening and am in the process of downloading The Skin I Live In. I have a week of no hoosemate, no Bones and no money. Film enrichment it is!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Rules of Attraction

Well, didn't I just enjoy this little tinker. Almost exactly like The Informers as I suspected, but set in school. Watched the last hour of it on the train yesterday morning, had to have it very much hidden throughout the journey although I'm sure as we went through tunnels, of which there are many, the sight of James van der Beek bashing one out will have been reflected to my fellow table sharers.

Pretty sure that the ending isn't the same as the book. Didn't Lauren and Victor end up together? Or Sean and Lauren? Think she got herself up the duff too. Could be making all this up though, I do that sometimes.

One of the best bits for me would be the introduction of Victor. Very clever a kind of fast forward introduction that both got all of the detail in while conveying the hectic fast-paced Europe times he was him. You know what that was right there people? Yes, film analysis. Claudia Winkleman can fuck right off, Rachel Higgins is in town. Yeah!*

Im giving it 8 on 10. Not one to watch in public though. Or with the rents.

*don't go too far claudia, sometimes I get ahead of myself and make wild assertions that I can't substantiate later.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Biting the bullet

I decided to download it. Once it was in my mind I couldn't not do it.

Raging Bull - the saga continues

So, as we all know, I got this from LoveFilm in November. I still have it. Started watching it a few days ago and I just got bored after 40 mins. Thought I did pretty well sticking it out for that long. I made the decision to stop the DVD and send it back. Something which I have still yet to do. Can't bring myself to post it, partly because I can't find the blasted envelope to do so and partly because I will feel a little bit of a failure for not seeing it through and for not being able to legitimately tick it off The List. Talk about dilemmas. Help me!!!

The Informers

I'd recorded this thinking that it was The Rules of Attraction. I read that last year and reeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted to watch it. However, I was wrong. This was BEE's book that I do have but that I haven't read yet. Doi. Having watched it, I think that The Rules of Attraction is going to be pretty similar: lot of attractive young people, lot of drugs, lot of 80s music. 

I'm not really very good at catching names in films/tv programmes, I don't know why, they just don't stick. This proves to be something of a calamity when two people look pretty similar. I spent the whole time thinking that Graham was Bryan, lead singer of a band, and the main thing that I was confused about was how he managed to go out in public all the time and not be mobbed by people. Error. Wasn't until the end when I caught him being called Bryan that it clicked. So annoying. That's where reading the book first would have come in pretty handy!

I think that I would give it a solid 7 on 10 rating. It passed a couple of hours on a cold Saturday morning and was something that I would probably watch again if it was on. Think I might watch American Psycho this evening, keep the BEEathon going. Or rather start a BEEathon, I don't think that one film can really count as an 'athon'. But does two. Should I be watching three BEE films? But I don't have a third to watch. Unless I downloaded The Rules of Attraction, which I can't really be arsed doing at the moment. Oh God, when did life get SO hard?!?!?!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

There Goes The Fear

(500) Days etc soundtrack making me smile.

Regina Spektor
the cream of the crop... Hall & Oates!

Oh and kudos for Patrick: 

(500) days of Summer

Am just in the midst of watching this again. Had forgotten that it has one of the best post-sex scenes ever... And accompanied by one of the best songs ever!!! I hope one day I have funsies that great that I kickstart a flashmob synchronised dance in the park. One day.