Saturday, 11 June 2011

The beginning

So...I haven't seen a lot of films. Correction, a lot of "epic" films. The likes of The Shawshank Redemption, Silence of the Lambs and Schindler's List have not played out before me. Yes, these were around in my days of pubescence and my peers saw them but they were far too gruesome (or sci-fi - boooooo) for a delicate flower such as myself, who was balanced ever so precariously on the precipice of life, to be watching. The lack of filmage in my life came to light when my housemate grilled me on the BBC 100 films you simply must see list - cannot find the exact page but it's not dissimilar to that one. After totting up just how few had played out before my baby blues she took great pleasure in immediately branding me an "ignoramus". I'd like to point out that she doesn't think Roger Moore was the best Bond so I take my title with a pinch of proverbial salt.

It was time to take action. Earlier in 2011, January I think it was, I was in the market for a diary, yes it must have been January, but couldn't find one in Paperchase that was pretty enough. And then I espied a lovely notebook adorned with birds and flowers and butterflies. Delightful. I thought "hey, they don't have a diary you like, you make your own damn diary". Later that evening, armed with a ruler and two pens, green and purple, I set about marking up the year. I fell at the first hurdle, smearing green gel ink across the page with the ruler. Then i forgot to alternate the green and purple from week to week. Then I wrote the wrong numbers. Then I realised this was beyond my realms of creativity. I was sad, I'd had big plans for this diary. So I packed away my tools and meekly put the notebook in a drawer. 

There it stayed until BBCFilmgate. I immediately Googled "100 films" and up popped The Guardian's list - I can't find the list to link to now though, typical. I'd only recently discovered The Guardian website having been introduced to their TV reviews by someone at work, the first review being Nigella Kitchen. Based on this I knew it was the list for me. I clicked and read, saw many of the same films as on the BBC list, and a few more, and then the lightbulb moment came...this is what the notebook should be used for. And so, armed with two pens, green and purple, I set about writing down the films. Ten to a page, green on one, purple on the next.

And now here I am, ready to blog it for no one to read. Here goes... 

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