Monday, 20 June 2011

84 Festen (The Celebration)

Now, this one I really got into. When it started and I realised it was in what I thought was French I got to Googling. Turned out it was Danish. But this was not just any Danish film, this was the first Dogme film, Dogme #1 to be precise. I learned this was a movement created by the director of Festen, Thomas Vinterberg, and some other guy, that was pretty much championing a back to basics approach to films. No built sets, no special effects, no fancy shit whatsoever. There's one scene where Christian, the protagonist, faints and apparently he held the camera himself when he fell to the floor and to make a dizzy noise another cameraman whoosed a microphone around in the air. Definitely not fancy. Knowing all this I was really able to appreciate it within the film.

I don't think a synopsis type thing would be appropriate here. I've done that with the others, I really should look up the definition of "review" because I am clearly not doing that, more rambling my way through the plot, and I think this one definitely needs to be watched. It's funny, moving, delightfully weird and well worthy of your time. It's definitely the best film from The List so far and, as with Taxi Driver, it should be higher placed fo' sho. 

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