Monday, 27 June 2011

43 Terminator II - Judgment Day

Here we are at Nr.43 Terminator II - please note German abbreviation for "number", that one's for you Schwarzles. This is one of those that I saw with the bro's when I was a young whippersnapper (days which are too far gone for my liking) but can't really remember what the flip went on. I knew that Arnie was good in it - good as in not evil, I was too young to form a reasoned opinion as to how good his acting capabilities were - and erm, yeah, that was about it.

I must say, that Austrian beefcake sure does know how to open a film doesn't he?! Phewee. I had to pause right away to have a cold shower. Unfortunately that was soon over and we moved on to Sarah Connor doing pull-ups in her crazy cell. No stirrings to be had.

Not really sure how I felt about this. While it was a cracking action flick I just don't think that there was enough grrrrrrrroomph (spellcheck) behind it. I blame Sarah. She was far too emotional, really brought it down. Or maybe it wasn't even that. Maybe it was quite simply that she was the most irritating character to ever grace the television screen? Even more annoying than Steve Carell in The Office: An American Workplace but perhaps less annoying than Russell Brand in every waking moment of his life. She was banging on about everyone dying on August 29, 1997, while doing everything in her power to eradicate all in her presence with second-hand smoke, trying to kill the friendly Terminator and just being a General Knob.

Enough of the bad point, let's get some positivity flowing. The end was aces. I don't really know much about special effects and all that jazz but T-1000 and his liquid metal transforming was a-mazing! That would without question be my numero one choice of body material after flesh. And the ability to transform into an exact replica of someone else... I know which Spanish senorita I'd be morphing into for improper purposes

Oestrogen overload over. The end of the film. Fab. How selfless was The Terminator? Made for evil but going out in an act of heroism. "I know now why you cry but it's something I could never do". Heavens, I was on the brink. And then Sarah came along and ruined the moment with her knowitall last couple of lines. Knoberation. Verdict - well placed at 43.

Final point - best line of the film. 

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