Saturday, 20 August 2011

And now for something completely different...

I love this. Hated it when I was a tiny tot. My mum used to take me to work with her, instead of setting me free at nursery or anything, and I remember this song. In between teaching me the alphabet, making me read out number plates and leaving me outside sandwich shops while she went back to work she played this over and over and over again and it drove me mad - even though I was only three or four at the time. Anyhoo, I heart it now because I think it is a bee you ti full song, from the opening line "I had this perfect dream, this dream was me and you" - what woman doesn't want to be told that eh - to about 2.40 onwards when it's building up to le crescendo. It make a me tingle. Fact.

Like a monkey with a miniature cymbal

Okay, so I am finding that The List had become a bit of a burden. I'm not one to be constrained and that is what it is doing. If I set out to watch something I immediately think "oh it has to be off The List" and then I look at The List and think that there's nothing that's appealing to what I'm in the mood for and end up not watching anything. So. What we (I) are (am) going to do is continue to do films from The List BUT slot other ones in as and when they come into my life. If I want to watch some shit critically unacclaimed film then I bastarding well will do. You hear me?! 

That is all.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Living in the past

This popped up halfway through the DVD. Double-sided disc! Had to get up and turn it over. Retro.

26 GoodFellas

Phoo, what a corker. Those Fellas kill any poor bastard that comes into sight!! I don't know what the body count was in this but it surely must have topped 50, most of those coming courtesy of Joe Pesci. The man was unstoppable. Woah woah woah, hold up for just a wee second. Have Googled "goodfellas body count" - well I actually searched for "goodfellas body cunt" but the clever people at Google saw my error and kindly displayed the alternative results - and ShortList has it coming in at a mere 10. NO WAY!!!! There were folk dying left, right and centre. Some even from the diagonal. Well I'm not planning on watching again to do my own tally so will have to accept that as gospel.

Cue some thoughts - I right enjoyed it. Is this how things really went down back in the day? It must have been cos it's based on a true story. Shocking. Henry Hill decided at an early age that he wanted to be a gangster and that was that. You wouldn't think it was the wisest career move, and it turned out not to be in the end, but for the better part of his time as a GoodFella it was pretty damn lucrative.

My growing love for De Niro meant I was enjoying his wee role but I think the best was the aforementioned Joe Pesci. The man was insane! Tiny little man with a funny voice just shooting anyone and everyone - which is why I'm surprised by the low body count. Obviously they all had some anger issues but Pesci was off the Richter!! 

List placement - from what I have viewed so far, which I notice is not much, I'm gonna say this was Top 20 material. And new crush alert...Ray Liotta (early gangster days). 

Friday, 12 August 2011

Bad boys

Just put on no.26 Goodfellas. Opening scene with the guy in the boot - grim. I believe that to be a tamer part though, who knows what else is in store. Also note there's a Paulie in it. There was a Paulie in The Godfather, what little of it I saw. Wonder if it's a gangster name or somefink. Will research.