Tuesday, 21 June 2011

17 Annie Hall

Hmmm, what can I say about Annie Hall? Very enjoyable film. Pleasant. Was nice easy watching on the commute and required less concentration that the previous films that have graced my 3.5inch (diagonal) widescreen multi-touch display. I had previously thought that Woody Allen was a doddering old fool, mainly because I hadn't heard him speak or seen him do anything and to look at him I think my misguidance could be forgiven. Funny guy. Or maybe witty would be more apt. I can definitely see the attraction, which is odd considering he is not what you'd call an attractive person. Think maybe his voice helps for I am in LOVE with it, got that stereotypical Brooklyn twang that I thought was only spoken by Sex and the City's Steve "let women the world over down by cheating on Miranda" Brady.
To begin with I thought that Diane Keaton was Julianne Moore but I was soon corrected, after I had a quick squizz at Wikipedia to see who else was in it. I ended up really liking her. Scatter-brained and bouncing off the walls with a fairly natty sense of dress to boot.

I don't know what kind of set up the film was but I liked it. Seemed clean and simple. Annie and Alvie did a few bits to camera and off in their own thoughts. Kept me interested. I don't know where this is in The List. Hang on while I have a look... no.17. Hmmmm. I'd say that was a fair placement. Perhaps a little generous. I'd have maybe popped it up in the late 20s to mid 30s.

PS - young Jeff Goldblum cameo continues the confusingly attractive young actor theme that is present in The List. 

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