Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

I had planned to tackle No.50 Blade Runner next but as it is my dad's birthday today I thought it might be nice to watch a film from his year of birth, 1953. However, having gone through The List, yes the entire list has been Googled, the only film from 1953 is No.82 Tokyo Story, which is not on iTunes and which I have no other means of obtaining right now. It sounds pretty depressing so quite pleased about that in a way! 

So, instead I shall go for a 1954 film and that film will be... No.63 - On the Waterfront - a black and white film it would appear and my first experience of Marlon Brando. I'll confess right now I thought he was a serial killer. Turns out that's Charles Manson. Live and learn eh. 

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