Monday, 31 October 2011

The Adventures of Tintin - The Secret of the Unicorn

Ok, so anyone who knows me knows that I love Tintin. He's my guilty pleasure. If I'm ever having a lazy Sunday or can't get to sleep on a night, out comes Tintin. 

In lieu of a fellow fan to go and see it with I managed to convince Jen to accompany me, which was nice of her because it she was not interested in it. 

I'm not sure how I felt about it to be honest. I think I might have built it up too much in my head. For starters there were children in the cinema. I don't like children. Fact. I almost lost it when Tintin came on the screen and one of the little grebs screeched "who's thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" "It's Tintin you knobhead, now shut up or get the hell out", is what i wanted  to yell. But I didn't.

So, yes, anyway, as I was saying, I don't know how I felt about it. Loved the opening sequence. The motion capture stuff was amazing, albeit creepy, and the iconic bits of scenery such as when Tintin and Haddock arrive in the desert and when they are on their camels arriving in whichever city it is, they are brilliant and I was really excited to see them played out. But it wasn't like the cartoons, which while funny in places remained serious. No the film had more of a slapstick approach in places which I presume was to appeal to children now but for me, it took away from the enjoyment. Although it didn't take away from the enjoyment as much as the entirely made-up stuff did!! When did Sakharine have a falcon?! And when did Castafiore sing for a sultan and break bulletproof glass with her voice?! NEVER is when. Never. 

I hold out more hope for the next one, which will be a combination of The Seven Crystal Balls (one of my favourites) and The Prisoners of the Sun. I'm going to give it an 8.5/10 - I only wish it were higher.

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