Sunday, 2 October 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love

The hoosemate and I decided that we would have a little cinema trip the other week. We'd both rather enjoyed the trailer for this because Ryan Gosling was funny in it and so we opted to see it. I managed to push past my extreme dislike for Steve Carell and dare I say that at one point in the film I actually found him attractive, although when I said to Jen "did you find Steve Carell oddly good-looking in that" she said "no" to which I meekly said "yeah, me neither". 

Film was enjoyable. Nice, easy Friday night viewing. There were quite a few points when I laughed out loud (or LOL'd for those of you who can only communicate laughter by that vile, yes vile, acronym) and one point when I nearly cried. Again. I'm such a cry baby these days. Wah! 

As with James Franco, I found a new love for Ryan Gosling. The reason for my enjoyment of him was slightly more material being solely down to his fine tailored suits and his back. I wasn't particularly enjoying him without his top off until I saw his back in dim lighting. Man I love a toned back. Back back back. 

Can't say I'll be rushing out to buy it on DVD when it comes out but if it were on the telly I would probably give it a Sky+

Rachy rating - solid 6/10 

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