Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Classic bit of Bond here with my favourite Roger Moore. My reason for the post is to flag up something that delivered great enjoyment: when I was watching it I saw this bit [click le link] and thought "my god that crocodile's a shit prop, they could have at least filmed a real sedated one" and then whiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr up pops the head and there's Roger!!!!!! Hellooooooooooo. Brilliant. I don't know how I've missed that bit before. It has easily made it's way to the top of my list of Roger moments - handsome pervert that he is. I told a friend about it and he came back with this "haha, what a legend! If im ever sneaking up to an island inhabited by hot women. Plastic motorised Crocodile with visor all the way!!". I defy anyone to not have the same reaction.

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