Saturday, 3 September 2011


I was excited about this. I'd had the soundtrack on pre-order as soon as I found out it was Alex Turner doing it so that was an immediate draw for me. You should get it if you don't have it. Only five songs, but five great songs. I heart them all. I linked to Hiding Tonight in the previous post, here's another one for your aural pleasure.

It had other good things going for it too - Richard Ayoade directing, Craig Roberts who had just won me over in Being Human/Becoming Human was the lead and Paddy Considine who I just want to hug, not in a fancying way but in a Dermot way, was also in it. Ahhhhh. How did it live up to expectations then? I enjoyed it. Nice easy watch - perfect for The Battle of Ironing Mountain. I loved that Oliver was trying to be the best boyfriend in the world and one of the bits I really had a good chuckle at was when Jordana found out that her mum had a brain tumour. Of course, this is not a funny thing to happen but his response to it was genius. He read that the loss of a pet helped a person deal with the death of a loved one and so he decided that he would have to poison her dog so that she didn't get emotional if her mum died. Brilliant! I won't go into any further detail about that bit, don't want to ruin shiz now do I? 

I can't really comment on much else, while it was fun to watch and I did enjoy it, it didn't require any concentration and didn't have any particular impact. Don't think it would be something to watch again.

Tell you summat though, it made me want something. A duffle coat. I got a duffle cape from Topshop last year but it made me look like a small child so it got sent back again. I look childlike enough what with my small stature and baby face. The duffle cape did not help. So while the idea was reignited inside of me I think I have to accept that a full-length bit of duffleage just will not work. Sigh.

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