Saturday, 3 September 2011

Bank Holiday viewings

I went to Edinburgh for the Bank Holiday and while there watched The Terminal, which I had already seen and simply love love LOVE, and Iron Man, which I had not seen. Iron Man was ok. Not much happened in it though. Robert Downey Jr simply spent his time pissing about trying to make his suit. He seemed very much to be like Batman - rich man using his money to try and be a hero. No superpower. The fight between Tony and Jeff Bridges was shit. No two ways about it. I'm holding out more hope for Iron Man II, but not too much, I don't cope well with disappointment.

I'm going to cut this short because I am tired and getting a wee bit of a behind the eye headache from looking at the screen, which only means one thing - impending migraine. I shall leave with one of my fave bits of The Terminal - I'm not a massive Tom Hanks fan but if he, nay anyone, asked me to go for eat to bite...cantelloni? I would be there!!! SO cute! 

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