Sunday, 25 September 2011


Watched this last weekend. I went in with NO expectations because I thought it was going to be wank. Here's the thing you see, I don't like women. They annoy me. Bitchy, whiny, always crying. Even worse is a woman who thinks she's funny. Top of the list for me is Gina Yashere. I mean, have you seen those shit comedy shorts she does on Comedy Central. They're absolute bollocks!!!!! And that link is a tiny part of it, it gets worse. The day I laugh at anything she says is the day that such act is my only reprieve from being hung, drawn and quartered. 

Anyway, I digress. Much as I hate the ladies, this was actually an alright film. Kristen Wiig was pretty funny in it and Chris O'Dowd, well I'd love him even if he was the one doing the aforementioned hanging drawing and quartering. I'd say the main issue for me, and it's a fairly superficial issue, was Kristen's hair. Were we meant to believe that this just happened? That she just woke up with it all lovely and wavy and natural looking? Well, the bastards didn't fool me. Course there'd been some tongs put in there. No one gets that without trying. No one. And if they do, I hate them for that is my aim in life. Perfectly wavy but casual looking hair. 

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