Thursday, 28 July 2011

Low expectations

Today I was given two books from people at work. I say given, they have been loaned to me. First up it's Dracula from fellow tea-break lover and Northern Fail hater, Sally. I am assured that this is a good book, bordering on trashy, and has a few sexy bits in. If this is true I am sure I will be handing it back to her in a condition worthy of the description "well-thumbed", love a good old bit of raunch. Second, Great Expectations. This is on The List (hence the bloggin') which means that this venture has TAKEN ON A WHOLE NEW DIMENSION -  I can compare and contrast! Awoooooooooooooooooooo! However, in spite of this brief moment of excitement - honestly it's like living the life of a Jack Russell sometimes, bouncing off the walls over the slightest thing - it is from the same guy who put The Last of the Mohican's my way, which was pants. I raised this concern today but have been told that it has everything: "drama, romance, suspense,  intrigue...". It better have. It better be the best book since sliced bread because it is long and the writing is tiny, which only serves to make it longer. Hopefully will add another angle to the film anyway so all won't be lost if it is terd

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