Friday, 22 July 2011

36 Jaws

This was crossed off The List a long long time ago. I still have the memories of watching it with ma grand frères. Think there's a photo somewhere of us all sat in front of the box watching it. Ahhhhhhh, you can't go back.

I came across it on ITV4 during some mid-evening channel surfing and, in the absence of one shark-fearing housemate, I thought it would be a nostalgic hoot to tune in. The film is 124 mins long and I'd say I was consistently shitting myself, metaphorically of course this is a rented non-leather sofa, for about 90 mins of it. Argh so tense!!!! Let's face it, Jaws is looking pretty tired when compared to the likes of Bruce (yes he's animated but still gives me the willies) - in particular the close up bits like when the oxygen tank gets launched into his cakehole and he eats that poor skipper - and I reckon if you eliminated the background noise you'd hear the tell-tale "tssssh tsssssh" of the WD40 being liberally sprayed but in spite of that and while you know that everything is going to be ok in the end it's still shouting at the tv while dipping your head under the throw scary! Wah. No frigging way you'd get me down there in a cage. And if you did, I wouldn't be dropping my pointy stabby stick like that Hooper dude. What an idiot. He deserved to get eaten just for being stupid but alas he lives.

I note that Jaws 2 is on now. No thanks, you can keep it. During the aforementioned mid-evening channel surfing I spotted Blade Runner on BBC2. Have set that to record so it's time to brew up and tune in. Huzzah, The List is underway again!!! 

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