Saturday, 23 July 2011

35 Withnail & I

Ha, how good is this?! So funny. I've had a great time chortling away at all the deliciously weird delights it threw up. Never really liked Richard E Grant but he is firmly on the radar now, and all he had to do was portray an absurd drunk. I'm far too easily won over. 

Best bit by far was Monty trying to bugger I stating that he had to have him "even if it must be burglary". Brilliant scenes. 

Too many great lines to quote, or even remember, but these were two of my favourites:

"Even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day" - I just liked this because it's true.

"The carrot has mystery. Flowers are essentially tarts, prostitutes for the bees" - all flowers are sluts. 'Nuff said.

My god I'm practically giddy. Time for coffee and eggy bread, see if we can't get young Rach back on an even keel. 

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