Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Woman In Black

First and foremost I would like to question what the hell has happened to Ciaran Hinds. Man alive he has let himself go. But four or five years ago I was lusting after him in Above Suspicion as the brooding DCI Langton, a tortured soul with a haunted past. Ooph. Now he's positively squidgy and completely sans ooph factor. Shame.

I went to see this with work, which meant another trip to the picture house. Let me tell you something about the picture house, it gets its films about three or four months after the rest of the world has had them. This means that for the big ones (like this appeared to be) the world and her civil partner descend like locusts. For this particular showing, it was the female teenage population and what a bunch of little oiks they were. Screaming at everything. Screaming at nothing!!!!! Daniel Radcliffe appears - AAAAAAHHH. The woman in black appears - AAAHHHHHHH. The camera cuts to a vase on a table - AAHHHHHHH. They were fucking annoying. They'd even brought blankets with them to cower under for crying out loud!! If being annoying was a crime they'd have been charged with going equipped to fuck people off.

So with that off my chest I would like to say that this left me a little bit juddery. I don't tend to buy into the whole ghosty paranormal type thing. It doesn't do anything for me because simply put, I don't believe in ghosts and can't connect with it. Things that could happen like human serial killers, anaesthetic awareness (I'm about to watch Awake) or Steve Martin freak me out. I don't think I was scared particularly about the floating around or the wild shrieking but I didn't like the looming shadow of her. I also didn't like it at the beginning when the children suddenly got up and jumped out of the window. Chilling. As I was walking back from the bus stop there were no lights on in any of the building and my eyes immediately flitted to our windows expecting there to be something or someone there. Alas, there wasn't. But that doesn't mean there couldn't have been. My fear was completely rational. Cough.

On a final note - Daniel Radcliffe... bleurgh.

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