Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Rules of Attraction

Well, didn't I just enjoy this little tinker. Almost exactly like The Informers as I suspected, but set in school. Watched the last hour of it on the train yesterday morning, had to have it very much hidden throughout the journey although I'm sure as we went through tunnels, of which there are many, the sight of James van der Beek bashing one out will have been reflected to my fellow table sharers.

Pretty sure that the ending isn't the same as the book. Didn't Lauren and Victor end up together? Or Sean and Lauren? Think she got herself up the duff too. Could be making all this up though, I do that sometimes.

One of the best bits for me would be the introduction of Victor. Very clever a kind of fast forward introduction that both got all of the detail in while conveying the hectic fast-paced Europe times he was him. You know what that was right there people? Yes, film analysis. Claudia Winkleman can fuck right off, Rachel Higgins is in town. Yeah!*

Im giving it 8 on 10. Not one to watch in public though. Or with the rents.

*don't go too far claudia, sometimes I get ahead of myself and make wild assertions that I can't substantiate later.

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