Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Informers

I'd recorded this thinking that it was The Rules of Attraction. I read that last year and reeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted to watch it. However, I was wrong. This was BEE's book that I do have but that I haven't read yet. Doi. Having watched it, I think that The Rules of Attraction is going to be pretty similar: lot of attractive young people, lot of drugs, lot of 80s music. 

I'm not really very good at catching names in films/tv programmes, I don't know why, they just don't stick. This proves to be something of a calamity when two people look pretty similar. I spent the whole time thinking that Graham was Bryan, lead singer of a band, and the main thing that I was confused about was how he managed to go out in public all the time and not be mobbed by people. Error. Wasn't until the end when I caught him being called Bryan that it clicked. So annoying. That's where reading the book first would have come in pretty handy!

I think that I would give it a solid 7 on 10 rating. It passed a couple of hours on a cold Saturday morning and was something that I would probably watch again if it was on. Think I might watch American Psycho this evening, keep the BEEathon going. Or rather start a BEEathon, I don't think that one film can really count as an 'athon'. But does two. Should I be watching three BEE films? But I don't have a third to watch. Unless I downloaded The Rules of Attraction, which I can't really be arsed doing at the moment. Oh God, when did life get SO hard?!?!?!

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